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Nikolas Velikopoljski

Community Leadership

Nikolas Velikopoljski is an entrepreneur and community leader based out of Miami, Florida. From a young age, Nikolas was instilled with a passion for helping those in need. 

In high school, he became active in charitable organizations such as Leading Miami, a group that works empowers the youth to be leaders in their community, and Get Smart, a nonprofit that provides educational supplies to underfunded schools in the Bahamas. To this day, Nikolas devotes as much time as possible to volunteering. He is a regular volunteer at Sisters of Sacred Heart where he helps to feed the homeless. 

As an entrepreneur, Nikolas Velikopoljski strives to merge his desire to help others with his growing business, an apparel and accessories company called The Benefitted. Founded in 2018, The Benefitted began after Miami’s Hard Rock Stadium began massively restricting the types of bags attendees could bring into the stadium. Bags approved by the policy had to be under a certain size and see-through. Many stadium regulars and locals were forced to bring the bare minimum to games, as they didn’t have anything or anywhere to store their belongings. 

Seeing the need for a solution, Nikolas constructed a branded, clear fanny pack to fit within the stadiums regulations. The bag proved trendy amongst friends and acquaintances, so he began to produce the bags in larger batches. Soon enough, he was seeing total strangers sporting his creation. For Nikolas Velikopoljski, who had always received much joy from helping people, felt such joy at seeing his product loved by many. Now, he has expanded his line to include apparel and other accessories. 

Nikolas graduated from the University of Miami in 2017 with a degree in Human Resource Management and Business Administration and Management. While he didn’t initially see himself pursuing a career and business in the fashion industry, the move makes total sense to those around him. Nikolas has always used his clothing as a medium in which to express himself. Wearing creative, one-of-a-kind, and funky clothes has allowed him to stand out from the crowd and leave a lasting impression on everyone he meets. 

When he Nikolas Velikopoljski isn’t working or volunteering, he can be found spending time with his friends and his family. Every Tuesday, he and his group of friends return to their high school gymnasium for a game of basketball. The weekly game helps Nikolas and his friends blow off steam and break up the work week. 

If you’d like to learn more about Nikolas Velikopoljski and how you can become more involved in your own community, check out his blog!

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