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Supporting music nonprofits is a powerful way to contribute to the enrichment of communities, the advancement of musical education, and the promotion of artistic expression. Numerous organizations dedicated to music education, outreach, and support operate globally, each with its unique mission and impact. Here are some music nonprofits to consider donating to:

VH1 Save The Music Foundation:

The VH1 Save The Music Foundation is committed to restoring music education programs in public schools across the United States. The foundation aims to ensure that every child can access a comprehensive music education by providing resources, instruments, and support. 


MusiCares, run by the Recording Academy, assists musicians and music industry professionals with financial, medical, or personal needs. The organization offers various services, including emergency financial assistance, healthcare programs, and addiction recovery resources. 

Little Kids Rock:

Focused on modern band music education, Little Kids Rock aims to transform the lives of children by expanding and innovating music education in schools. The organization provides free musical instruments, curriculum resources, and teacher training to underfunded schools, empowering students to express themselves through music. 

Youth Music Project:

Based in Oregon, the Youth Music Project is a nonprofit organization that provides accessible music education to students of all ages. The organization offers group classes, private lessons, and performance opportunities with a focus on creating an inclusive and supportive musical community. 

Jazz Foundation of America:

Dedicated to providing emergency assistance and support to jazz musicians in crisis, the Jazz Foundation of America is crucial in preserving and promoting America’s indigenous art form. The organization offers struggling musicians financial assistance, housing support, and healthcare services. Donations to the Jazz Foundation of America help sustain the careers and well-being of jazz musicians.

Harmony Project:

Harmony Project focuses on transforming lives through music, offering free music lessons, instruments, and ensemble participation to underserved communities. Donations to Harmony Project contribute to expanding access to music education and fostering community harmony.

NAMM Foundation:

The NAMM Foundation, associated with the National Association of Music Merchants, is dedicated to advancing active participation in music-making across people of all ages. The foundation supports music education programs, research, and advocacy initiatives to promote the benefits of music education. 

The Sphinx Organization:

Focused on promoting diversity in classical music, The Sphinx Organization works to address the underrepresentation of Black and Latinx musicians in orchestras and ensembles. The organization provides young musicians with opportunities, mentorship, and resources, fostering a more inclusive and diverse future for classical music. 

Sweet Relief Musicians Fund:

The Sweet Relief Musicians Fund provides financial assistance to career musicians and music industry workers facing illness, disability, or age-related challenges. The organization supports medical expenses, housing, and other critical needs. 

These music nonprofits play crucial roles in fostering musical education, supporting musicians in need, and promoting diversity and inclusion in the music industry. When considering donations, aligning with an organization that resonates with your values and priorities within the realm of music and community enrichment is essential.