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My past blogs have mentioned the massive impact the COVID-19 pandemic has had on various industries and business areas across the globe. It’s safe to say; the pandemic has affected all of us in one way or another. With that said, amid the crisis, people are still finding ways to give back to others by maintaining social distancing and volunteering virtually. Below are a few helpful ways you can lend a hand to others in need while keeping your distance.

Crisis Text Hotlines

With the current world circumstances, the mental health of many individuals has been substantially impacted. People worldwide are struggling with the anxiety of the unknown and a substantial increase in unemployment and financial struggles. Though crisis text lines were around pre-pandemic, they’re one of the best ways to help someone while still maintaining social distancing measures. Crisis text lines are reliant on volunteers who are willing to work from home and commit to helping those in crisis by offering the necessary support.   

UN Online Volunteering

The United Nations has a virtual portal for those looking for online volunteering opportunities. The gateway connects those seeking volunteer work with various organizations that are working toward supporting those in need. With the unfortunate events of COVID-19, the online volunteering portal has also added several COVID specific volunteer projects. Other categories include art and design, community organizing, and technology. 

Translators Without Borders 

Translators Without Borders is a fantastic organization for those that are bilingual. It’s an organization that provides online volunteer opportunities to translators that can provide assistance to international organizations that are involved in crisis response, health, and education. This is another organization that was likely impacted by COVID-19 crisis relief across the world.  


The ability to read isn’t something that should be taken for granted. Bookshare is an organization that works with volunteers to make print materials that are accessible to individuals with disabilities. This virtual opportunity relies on volunteers to complete tasks such as scanning books, proofreading, mentoring, and much more.

While in-person volunteer opportunities may still be in question, depending on the circumstances, there are so many great ways to give back and help others from the comfort of your own home.