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Finding a reliable nonprofit is the next step if you’ve decided to donate money to a cause dear to your heart. However, it can take hours to sift through dozens of nonprofits to determine their legitimacy. 

 American Humane Society 

This organization is the best animal charity in the nation. American Humane, established in 1877, has spent well over a century providing care for big and small, wild and domesticated animals. Your gifts enable us to provide refuge, immediate care, and permanent homes for animals. The group is committed to fostering relationships between humans and animals.

Cancer Research Institute

Not only do they invest in treatment, but this group is also actively pursuing a cure. Its objectives include initiatives for public education, clinical research, and training for aspiring cancer researchers. Out of every dollar donated, the organization allocates 88 cents to its activities.

 Color of Change

 A civil rights group, they seek to create a better environment for black people. Serving as the most prominent online racial justice organization in the US, this charity has seven million members. They design campaigns that promote black joy, empower black communities, and work toward forward-thinking fixes that influence the long term.

Direct Relief

If you are looking to donate to COVID-19 organizations that perform fantastic work, one of the best organizations to support during the coronavirus is Direct Relief. It takes advantage of its global reach and resources to provide medical supplies like PPE and vaccines to hospitals and facilities in the US and worldwide. Additionally, this foundation has given more than $74.5 million in donations to more than 500 healthcare facilities and organizations.

 The Innocence Project

Thanks to DNA evidence, more than 365 innocent people have been cleared in the US. The Innocence Project works to restore justice by using fresh DNA evidence to reexamine previous cases and liberate unfairly imprisoned persons. The organization also seeks to change the criminal justice system to avoid further unjustified incarcerations.

The Center for Reproductive Rights 

The Center for Reproductive Rights is the best organization to donate to for women’s health. This nonprofit dreams of a society where every woman is valued equally and can choose essential aspects of her own reproductive health. Its lawyers battle on a national and international level to ensure women have access to reproductive healthcare, safe abortions, and birth control.

Alzheimer’s Association

The Alzheimer’s Association is the best Alzheimer’s charity to support. Members work tirelessly to prevent and treat Alzheimer’s disease. Donations support clinical studies and research into the disease and aid Alzheimer’s patients and families in finding care in their local areas. The group also promotes Alzheimer’s research on a national and state level.