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COVID-19 has impacted society in more negative ways than one. And while it’s surely an unfortunate circumstance for our global society, many of us are finding ways to give back to others and lend a helping hand in a time of need. From large companies to local communities, amid the pandemic, people are finding ways to come together while still abiding by social distancing measures. If you’re looking to build yourself up during a difficult time, by reaching out and helping someone else, here are a few great ways you can give back

Offer Support in Finding Resources

One of the most unique qualities about the COVID-19 virus is that it impacts many people differently. Experts have found that it affects immunocompromised and other medically high-risk patients much more than it would affect someone who is otherwise, healthy. Age is also a factor, as many senior adults are falling seriously ill with the virus, and children are amongst the least affected. With this in mind, social distancing and self-isolation are more mandatory for those that have preexisting conditions. If you’re fortunate enough to be at a lower risk, reach out to someone that you know that isn’t and see if you can support them in finding food and other necessities they may not be able to obtain on their own. 

Donate Homemade Masks 

So many people have taken on the task of donating masks to first responders and other front-line workers, as the pandemic has lead to a serious shortage of access to PPE gear. Though there’s been debates on the efficiency of regular masks v.s N95’s, experts have concluded that any type of mask cover is sufficient for the purposes of reducing the spread of the virus. You can make your own home-made masks, or order some from the many companies that are offering them so you can make a direct donation to the front-line workers of your choice. 

Support Small Local Businesses 

Many small businesses throughout the world are facing serious hardships as mandated shutdowns of non-essential businesses have been in effect for several months. While some of these businesses can remain open for curbside delivery or take out, many others like clothing boutiques, barbers and hair salons, were forced to shut their doors until further notice. In most cases, these businesses are part of local communities that rely on local support. If you’re not financially impacted by the pandemic, consider ordering from your local restaurants, or making online purchases for any other small businesses you support.