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In any local community setting, you’re likely to see main street or downtown areas populated by various small businesses. These small businesses are often run by people who live within the area and actively participate in community activities. For small business owners, community means much more than just where your store is located. In fact, many small business owners use their companies to help their community flourish in more ways than one. If you’re a small business owner, here are a few great ways to give back and help your community:

Involvement in Community Events 

Think of how many times your hometown has had a parade, block party, or street event. Many of the vendors that participate in those events are local small businesses. Attending events like this is a great way to interact with your local community and meet new people. Many small businesses sponsor local sports teams and regularly contribute to local charities by offering fundraising donations or volunteering services.  The more involved you are as a business owner, the more you can utilize different resources to help improve your community as a whole. 

Increases Economic Health 

In most cases, local businesses tend to support each other. A family-owned restaurant in a downtown area may use locally sourced produce for their meals, rather than produce sourced from a large corporation. This is a prime example of both businesses supporting each other, and keeping the local economy healthy and thriving. A recent Medium article said “More small businesses, from coffee shops to bowling alleys, keep a community’s economy more sustainable and less at the whims of national trends. Small-business spending creates what’s known as a “multiplier effect,” and it’s vital to creating vibrant, healthy communities.”

Creates Local Jobs 

In tandem with increasing economic health, small businesses create tons of local jobs. Local job opportunities give people an option to work closer to home and not commute to larger city areas. This, in turn, leads to more opportunities for local employees to visit and shop and other local stores and businesses. “When a community has a vibrant commercial center, it also creates ample opportunities for these workers to shop at other local small businesses. They grab lunch or dinner from local restaurants, run errands on their break, and grab drinks from local bars.”

Locally Sourced and Diverse Products

Generally, small businesses are known for their use of locally sourced and made products; they also tend to offer products and services that suit the interests of locals. In some cases, items you find at local small businesses may be scarce in the product market of larger corporations.