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Business owners should use these tips when launching a fundraiser.

Tell a good story

Consumers want to support small businesses with morally sound missions. For example, some businesses donate a portion of their profits to combat climate change. Other businesses do what they can to help soldiers transition back into civilian life. People must know about these projects. They are more likely to donate money if they agree with the company’s goals. In addition, businesses should be transparent with how they make their products. For example, coffee shop owners should proudly talk about how they source their coffee beans from local farmers. These details help consumers understand what a business is trying to accomplish. They can then donate money without hesitancy.

Focus on convenience

Business owners should make the donation process as easy as possible. They will lose donors if the experience is inconvenient. For example, people do not like sending checks in the mail. Writing checks takes time and effort. People would much rather donate online. Therefore, business owners should create a website and redirect all donations there. They can also use an online platform that specifically handles donations. Protect everyone’s data by making sure the technology is secure. For example, credit card details should be encrypted to prevent identity theft. Tell users to utilize strong passwords when creating their accounts.

Post on social media

People cannot donate to a fundraiser that they do not know about. Business owners should create posts on social media. They should utilize every social media platform available. People can pass the message along if they cannot afford to donate money themselves. Celebrities or politicians might find out about the cause. The fundraiser will get a huge boost if these public figures let their followers know.

Contact news publications

Some people do not go on social media. They find out about current events by watching television. Business owners should reach out to this demographic when raising money. They can do so by contacting local news stations. The media is always looking for good stories to cover. The news segment might resonate with a lot of people when it airs on television.

By using these tips, business owners will be able to replenish their coffers.