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With the sun setting earlier and the weather turning colder, it’s much easier to sink into an unhealthy mental health state. Here are a few easy ways to support a healthy mental state and stay strong and sure during the cold season.

Keep exercising

It’s easy to fall into a pattern of staying at home under the covers. Exercise plays a huge part in how people sleep and feel. It’s important to maintain a schedule of exercising, even if it’s just completing a daily walk around the neighborhood or some yoga at home. Every little bit of exercise can help to entertain the mind and get the heart pumping.

Stay in contact with friends and family

Friends and family play a huge support role and can help alleviate emotional stress and fatigue. Planning afternoons or outings together can help to alleviate monotony during the day while providing a time to connect and talk about any personal issues. Connecting with others keeps people grounded and allows them to get an outside perspective.

Set and complete achievable goals

Many professionals have started working from home, which has made it easier to stay bundled up in pajamas or in bed. Instead of laying around all day, keep a schedule of what needs to be done and set goals that can easily be achieved. Ticking boxes off the to-do list can motivate people to complete more of their tasks and give them a feeling of accomplishment.

Practice mindfulness

Meditating, yoga, or prayer are great ways to center and focus the mind. There are so many tasks and interactions during the day, the brain can easily become overwhelmed. Taking time away from everyone else in the household and doing some breathing exercises can clear the mind from distractions.

Break up the monotony of the day

Plan little surprises through the day to break up the work or errand schedule. These little surprises can be taking time to make a favorite drink or take a walk. Complete work in a different room of the house or change what order to complete daily tasks. Reinvigorate the day with change and surprises to make it feel new and exciting.