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The world marks October as the Breast Cancer awareness month, and doctors and campaigners make an effort to educate people about this topic. At the end of 2020, the World Health Organization found out that 7.8 million people have been diagnosed with breast cancer within the last five years. Recent research shows that breast cancer is one the most prevalent disease worldwide. However, the young people were not aware of how this disease could affect their lives, which motivated CoppaFeel!’s to launch an awareness program for those within the age bracket of eighteen to twenty-four.

The Know Yourself Campaign began in September 2021, having the motive of sensitizing the youth on different ways of checking for lumps or abnormalities in their breasts. They included TV and radio advertisements and out-of-home adverts to help eliminate the stigma surrounding regular breast cancer checks.

Cancer Research UK showed that 25% of women between 25 and 29 years are the most affected by breast cancer. However, according to CoppaFeel! 24% of young women aren’t aware of the risks brought by this disease in their lives. On the contrary, breast cancer affects both genders, and three-quarters of men still deny getting breast cancer. YouGov also found out in their study that 47% of people do not regularly check their bodies for any symptoms of cancer, and most of them claim to forget. 10% of the respondents confessed to having never inspected themselves.

Lucy, one of those featured in CoppaFeel!’s advert, said she was diagnosed at the age of 27. Before then, she had only heard of breast cancer on TV and did not pay much attention to it like every young black woman. She joined the campaign to educate others that breast cancer could affect anyone regardless of ethnicity, age, or gender.

The campaign has provided materials on its website to teach people how to check for cancer at home. Some signs of underlying health issues are feeling lumps in your chest cavity or armpits or a change in the color or texture of your breast or nipples. An abnormal shift in the size or shape of breasts should also be reported to the physician. Sinéad Molloy, CoppaFeel!’s marketing head, said in a press statement that they were working towards shifting people’s perception that breast cancer affects older women. He also added that each one is best positioned to know their body and check for abnormalities.