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If you’re the leader of a nonprofit, a philanthropist, or just someone who wants to try and give back in order to help those less fortunate, you might want to check out a few TED Talks covering philanthropy and charity. TED Talks have always been made as a way of inspiring and educating individuals, and there are loads of great talks covering charity that do just that. Here are a few of the best TED Talks on philanthropy worth checking out this year.

What Nonprofits Can Learn From Coca-Cola – Melinda Gates

Coca-Cola has a global network of distributors and marketers who help ensure that their products reach even the most remote regions on the planet. In her talk, Melinda Gates discussed how they’ve been able to leverage the power of data and local entrepreneurial spirit to reach out to more people around the world. This model is very applicable to non-profit organizations as well. You should identify individuals on the ground who can help you spread the word about your organization and educate others about it. You should also be bold in your marketing messages and not assume that people will buy what you offer just because you do. Finally, develop a data-driven mindset so that you can make informed decisions regarding your organization’s future.

How To Motivate People To Do Good For Others – Erez Yoeli

According to Erez Yoeli, a research scientist at MIT, people can motivate themselves to give back by being seen as generous. He also noted that small changes in the way people are perceived can make a big difference. For instance, by showcasing the dedication and active support of your most dedicated supporters, you can make a big difference. To increase the likelihood of people giving back, consider the various steps that your organization can take to make it easier for them to do so. For instance, by making it clear that you’ll feature the stories of the top fundraisers in an upcoming newsletter, you may be able to convince people to give more and work harder to do good.

The Antidote to Apathy – Dave Meslin

In this talk, Dave Meslin asks the audience what keeps people from getting involved with nonprofits. Dave claims that it’s not what you might think, such as apathy, laziness, or selfishness. Instead, Dave believes that are seven particular barriers that hold people back, even if they care deeply about a cause. Before you start working on engaging your supporters, it’s important that you identify the potential barriers that keep people from getting involved. These barriers include having a clear and concise mission statement, having a website that’s easy to use, and having visible calls to action for donations and the like. By anticipating these barriers, you can get rid of them before they ever become a problem.

How To Start A Movement – Derek Sivers

In his talk, Derek Sivers demonstrates how a movement can go from one leader to a community of like-minded individuals in just a couple of minutes. One of the most important factors that people can consider when it comes to starting a movement is to lead by example. In this video, Derek shows how to get people on board by showing them how to join in on the action. One way includes sending an email with a variety of educational resources about your organization when people decide to support you. In addition to showcasing the programs that you’re known for, this email should also include a statement about your mission and goals.